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Can Adults Touch Elf on the Shelf

2. Read the elf on the shelf book out lou…d to it. 3.Tell Santa in a note what happened, and that you are sorry.

“Every time you touch the Elf on the Shelf a reindeer dies.” Some of you parents have to get serious with your kids. They just don’t get that it’s against the rules to touch that Elf on a Shelf. If they refuse to listen, a few reindeer are going to have to die this year due to your child’s disobedience.

The Elf on the Shelf is Santa’s emissary – spending December in the house or classroom to report back to Santa just how well things are going. This means that there are many ways creative adults can have Santa “message” the children through the Elf. 26. Print up “official” looking warning letters...

However the Elf cannot be touched, otherwise it will lose its magic (although some households decide that an Elf can be touched by adults, for practical

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If your scout elf has been touched, you can apologize by writing a letter to Santa, or saying you’re sorry to your elf. Then, please sprinkle a little cinnamon beside him or her before you go to bed; cinnamon is like vitamins for scout elves, and it helps them get back to the North Pole. Once they arrive, the North...

Elf on the Shelf with Props: Our Elf has to wear a tacky sweater at some point during the season! It is a family tradition, after all. I think she even made her

Official Elf on the Shelf Notice Letter from Spaceships and Laser Beams. This will keep your kids on their toes! You know the elfs have a direct line to Santa!

That naughty elf isn’t just fun for the kids… Grown-ups can have fun posing him as well!

The official home of Santa’s scout elves, featuring products, ideas, games and more. Write Santa a letter, find adoption centers and meet the Elf Pets Reindeer!